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Day of the African Child: Spotlighting our partners across Africa

Those who are best placed to address gender inequality are often the people whom it most profoundly affects and who understand and appreciate the cultural context in which it exists. That’s why collaboration with a diverse community of women and partner organizations from around the world is key to our approach

As we mark the Day of the African Child on June 16, we are excited to spotlight our partners with whom we collaborate to champion and advance the right to education as a fundamental right.

Dorcus Parit – Hope Beyond Foundation, Kenya

Dorcus Parit is the Executive Director of Hope Beyond Foundation, a formidable force in Kenya in the protection of girls from FGM and child marriage.  Hope Beyond Foundation provides protection and shelter for vulnerable girls from harmful practices and collaborates with Equality Now in enhancing legal and policy protection for these girls, ensuring they achieve their full potential.

“Education is the key to unlocking a brighter future for Africa’s children. As we celebrate the Day of the African Child, let us renew our commitment to providing quality, accessible education for all – because the time for action is now.”

Koshuma Mtengeti – Children’s Dignity Forum, Tanzania

Koshuma Mtengeti is the Executive Director of Children’s Dignity Forum, a child’s rights organization in Tanzania that advances children’s rights through legal advocacy including engagement with both children and state actors, providing the necessary linkage between these stakeholders in the realm of child justice. In collaboration with Equality Now, Children’s Dignity Forum champions the right to education for girls in Tanzania.

“Education for all children in Africa; the time is now, for this theme to work, we need to strive for Africa where no one is left behind i.e young mothers, child brides, girls dropping out of school due to pregnancies, etc, and build a society that values inclusivity, justice, and empowerment, where every individual has the chance to reach their full potential. Together, we can shape a future where fairness and dignity are upheld for everyone,”

Hannah Yambasu – WAVES, Sierra Leone

Hannah Yambasu, the Executive Director for WAVES, is a formidable force who collaborated with Equality Now in taking the government of Sierra Leone to the ECOWAS Court in 2018  to ensure access to education for pregnant girls. At a time when advancing the rights of pregnant girls and teenage mothers was not popular, Hannah stood resolute in her convictions advancing this right in and out of court. She has also been a champion against FGM and child marriage calling for the enactment of laws against these harmful practices.

“Our African girls are our pride for a developed AFRICA. Let’s give them the space for better education, not FGM or forced marriage” 

Beina Evaline – YWCA South Sudan

Beina Evaline a young woman is a Project Manager at YWCA South Sudan championing the rights of young women and girls not only to be free from sexual violence but also to take up leadership in both public and private spaces.  In collaboration with Equality Now, YWCA South Sudan builds the capacity and resilience of young women and girls, empowering them to overcome challenges including barriers to education, and fostering their agency.

“Women are working to make significant change in Africa and the whole world. I am part of them to make that change. Let’s join hands to end sexual and gender-based violence and provide equal education for both boys and girls.”

Stella Achoki, Centre for Community Mobilization and Empowerment (CECOME), Kenya

Stella Achoki, the Director for CECOME a community-based organization working to end sexual and gender-based violence and promote young women’s leadership in the community. Together with Equality Now, CECOME are working with the county government in Kisii, Kenya to put in place policies that address systemic issues and drivers of sexual violence and foster a culture that values and supports girls’ education.

“Education is the wind beneath girls’ wings, enabling them to fly to new heights providing them with opportunities to soar to greater heights and propelling them towards a future filled with achievements and possibilities.”

None of us can afford to sit back and wait for equality to arrive – we need to act now. Only by working together will we achieve the legal and systemic change needed to address violence and discrimination against women and girls. Sign up to our mailing list or explore other ways to support our work to protect and promote the rights of girls across Africa and around the world.