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Want to do more to help us build a movement?

Gather your friends, family, coworkers, or community and celebrate the power of women and girls. Hold a fundraising event online or gather together in person, if it’s safe for you to do so. 

Fundraise through a Livestream or Gaming

Start gaming for gender equality! Charity Livestreams are one of the fastest-growing methods of fundraising, and with your help, you can help raise awareness and funds in critical support for women and girls. Equality Now partners with Tiltify, a platform that allows you to add a fundraising widget to any of your gaming or vlogging livestreams.

Compatible with Twitch, Facebook Live, and other similar streaming services, you can raise money with the help of your community.

To get started, sign up directly through Tiltify or email

Fundraise through Facebook

Celebrate your birthday, support your marathon, or simply set a goal to raise money to make equality reality. It’s easy on Facebook.

You can even hold an Instagram or Facebook Live event with a donate button directly on your stream.

Fundraising at Work

You can also raise money with your work teammates through fundraiser events, which can be a great way for companies to get involved and increase employee engagement. Work-from-home has introduced many interesting virtual fundraising opportunities. Hold a charity Happy Hour or raffle at your office to support women and girls, and share pictures with us from the event!