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We Change The Rules

A bold, six-part audio series exploring the history and global impact of legal inequality on women and girls.

In 1995, governments from around the world came together at the 4th UN World Conference on Women in Beijing to forge a groundbreaking plan to achieve global gender equality, each pledging to repeal or amend any laws discriminating on the basis of sex. Since then, Equality Now has been committed to holding these governments accountable for their promises.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, we are taking our advocacy to another level with ‘We Change The Rules’, our new podcast hosted by award-winning  journalist Samira Ahmed.

Featuring the views and voices of a diverse range of activists, academics, and legal experts from across the international gender equality and human rights movements, this engaging six-part series explores the history and global impact of legislative gender and sex-based discrimination around the world.

Each episode is filled with unique insights, bold new ideas, and personal stories from some of the modern world’s most respected thought leaders, including:

We Change the Rules is available on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube, and is essential listening for anyone interested in achieving legal, political, and systematic gender equality everywhere.

Read more in our press release.