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2024 Op-Ed Project Public Voices Fellowship to Advance the Rights of Women and Girls

Equality Now, The OpEd Project, and Senior Advisor Ann MacDougall are delighted to partner in launching the 2024 US Public Voices Fellowship on Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls.

This fellowship, in its third year,  is part of The OpEd Project’s Public Voices initiative to change who writes history and Equality Now’s mission to create a just world for all women and girls.

The OpEd Project is a social venture and leadership organization founded to change who writes history. Its programs elevate the ideas and knowledge of underrepresented expert voices to accelerate solutions to the world’s biggest problems – problems that cannot be solved justly or sustainably without a diversity of voices, expertise, experience, and identity.

Changing who writes history

The media plays a critical role in shaping public opinion on current and emerging issues, but evidence shows that women continue to be underrepresented in public discourse.

To achieve gender equality for all women and girls in our evolving world, we need to prioritize a diversity of female voices and champion them as experts with knowledge and perspectives that are necessary to hear in the media.

To help advance this aim, we are assembling a cohort of twenty diverse thought leaders from across the USA to join this fellowship. Participants will receive a year-long program of training and mentoring dedicated to supporting fellows to elevate their voices in the public sphere.

Inspiring writers with engaging insights

We are looking for inspiring individuals with innovative ideas and engaging insights about strengthening the rights of women and girls. 

Fellows will have noteworthy expertise or personal experience in their chosen field and will represent a diversity of specialisms and backgrounds, including age, diasporas, race, sexual orientation, nationalities, and other intersectional identities.

They will receive ongoing coaching throughout the fellowship from dedicated and experienced journalist mentors who will provide regular, one-on-one support with developing ideas, editing, and media placement. There is access to weekly journalist office hours and regular expert talks with media leaders.

Investing in thought leadership

The cost of the year-long fellowship is funded by Ann MacDougall and Equality Now, which enables us to provide the placement to participants at no charge to them. 

Each placement is a significant investment in that individual, and therefore, we require full commitment from every fellow. All workshops are compulsory, and fellows must be able to commit to attending all sessions in full. 

The fellowship entails nine months of dedicated coaching and a further three months of follow-on support. 

All participants must commit to writing a minimum of two op ed (opinion) pieces, and hopefully more. 

Three workshops will take place virtually, and one will be held face-to-face in New York City. There is a limited number of travel and lodging stipends available for those who need assistance to attend the in-person NYC convening.

Mandatory fellowship workshop dates and times are: 

1st: September 12 (Thu), 10am – 5pm ET, and 13 (Fri), 12pm – 3:30pm ET, in-person in NYC

2nd: November 21 and 22 (Thu, Fri), 12pm – 3:30pm ET, virtual via Zoom

3rd: February 13 and 14 (Thu, Fri), 2025, 12pm – 3:30pm ET, virtual via Zoom

4th: May 1 and 2 (Thu, Fri), 2025, 12pm – 3:30pm ET, virtual via Zoom

Plus a 1hr virtual meeting with all fellows, Equality Now, and The OpEd Project, on October 17, 4pm – 5pm ET.  

Shining a media spotlight on women’s rights issues

We are keen to amplify a wide range of issues and perspectives – some may already be high up the public agenda and would benefit from a gendered lens, others may be more at the margins or emerging and in need of greater attention.

Of particular interest is how the following topics intersect with women’s and girls’ rights:

  • Access to justice for victims and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Child and forced marriage
  • Climate change
  • Digital rights; digital access; digital safety; digital regulation 
  • Disability rights within the context of sexual and gender-based violence
  • Constitutional equality
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Gender pay gap 
  • Indigenous rights
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Online sexual abuse and exploitation; image-based sexual abuse
  • Racial justice
  • Reproductive rights; economics of sexual reproductive health
  • Rollback on women’s rights
  • Sex-discriminatory family laws 

The deadline for applications is 9am ET, Monday, May 20, 2024.

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