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Monthly Giving

The road to legal change can be long and arduous, often taking years, sometimes decades, to come to fruition, but the outcome can benefit millions of people and their communities worldwide. That’s why we’re seeking partners to join us on the path to gender equality and contribute monthly as part of a sustained investment. Together, we can protect women’s and girls’ civil rights.

A young black woman holds a handwritten sign that reads "Equality is my right not a privilege."

Invest in equality with a monthly gift

When you support Equality Now with a monthly gift, you allow us to react to the most urgent needs as they arise throughout the year and you provide reliable funding as we plan for the future. Small or large, your recurring gift plays a vital role in ensuring we can continue our work to make equality a reality.

“I see the monthly donation as more of an investment than a gift, whereas a bigger lump sum is more difficult to justify at any given moment. I chose Equality Now because it’s specifically focused on attitudes towards women, and I’d definitely like to see that focus maintained.”

-Annie, Arizona

Become an activist investor and join our community of monthly donors today.

Change or cancel your monthly gift at any time

If you need to change or cancel your monthly gift or update your credit card information, email Our Supporter Care team is happy to assist you.

Know the impact of your gift

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