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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month!

A collage of influential Latin American women

September 15-October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States.

For generations, our sisters from Latin America and The Caribbean have helped to push women’s voices to the forefront of the conversation in politics, the arts, and the judiciary and to make equality reality not just in the United States, but around the world. Below are 11 quotes from 11 trailblazing Latinx women whose accomplishments we celebrate and honor today and everyday. 

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, first Hispanic and third female Supreme Court Justice in United States History

“Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.”

Dolores Huerta, feminist and labor rights activist, co-founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW)

“We can be whatever we have the courage to see.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, youngest congresswoman in U.S. history 

“I realize that a lot of the students I speak to may not end up as an astronaut or may not be completely interested in those fields, but I want them to at least make sure that they have options in their careers and that they think about setting high goals for themselves.”

Ellen Ochoa, Ph.D., first Latina astronaut in space, first female director of the Johnson Space Center 

“Immigrant rights, worker rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, racial justice and environmental justice are not special interests…”

America Ferrera, actor and activist

“We become what we believe. We become the words that we put out there and I think that’s how we should start walking through life; by reminding ourselves and other women that we don’t have to go through all those hardships to become strong—because we already have that power within us.”

Angélica Fuentes, founder, the Angélica Fuentes Foundation, executive, and Equality Now board member

“Only one mountain can know the core of another mountain.”

Frida Kahlo, painter 

“In life, you have ups and downs, but you should never give up, you should always try to get ahead.”

Yalitza Aparicio, star of Roma and the first indigenous woman to be nominated for an Academy-Award

“I decided to be the one to tell my story before people approached me and told me that my photo was circulating around … I felt so powerful and happy that I felt the need to tell it … Every time I told it, the story got smaller … “

Ana Baquedano, feminist activist who successfully campaigned Yucatán parliament to outlaw revenge porn

 “When you put something out there it’s not about deciding whether it’s good or bad. It’s about creating it, and then letting it go with the hope that others take some light or inspiration from it.”

Diane Guerrero, actor, author and immigration reform advocate 

“…My perpetrator took a lot from me. He took my dreams, he took my childhood, but he wasn’t going to take my voice away.”

Brisa De Angelo, childhood sexual violence survivor, co-founder, A Breeze of Hope Foundation