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Addressing discrimination & inequality in the global response to COVID-19

A woman holding up a sign in a crowd

COVID has exposed the structural inequalities that affect women and other marginalized people.  It has also had a disproportionate effect on those already disadvantaged.

Governments now need to ensure all COVID and post-COVID policies are assessed on the impact they will have on all members of society and are informed by the active participation of specialist organizations to provide equality, security, and wellbeing for all so that together we can build a better future.

Together with a coalition of leading global equality organizations including the Equal Rights Trust, we have issued the following call to action on addressing discrimination and inequality in the global response to COVID 19.

We have come together to express grave concern that States are failing to meet their binding legal obligations to ensure non-discrimination in the enjoyment of human rights for all – irrespective of their identity, status, or beliefs – including in states of emergency.

We demand that States take immediate action to meet their non-discrimination obligations by integrating equality impact assessments in all of their policy responses to the pandemic.

We call on States to reaffirm their commitment to their non-discrimination obligations under international law and emerge from the crisis leaving no one behind, and with a shared determination to create an equal world.