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Meet Elba Nuñez – Lawyer #16Days

Elba is a lawyer and activist at the Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Defense of Women’s Rights. For over fifteen years she has worked to promote and defend women’s human rights. She has participated and contributed in Paraguayan and global networks fighting for equality and non-discrimination. She told us what motivates her to keep fighting for women’s rights.

What inspires you to do the work you do?

I’ve witnessed all the forms of violence women and girls are subjected to in my country, the region and in the world. Seeing that drives my desire for social change through the feminist movement, tearing down the patriarchy and ending all forms of violence, oppression, and subordination in the lives of women and girls.

What is one thing that others can do to make a change?

Keep contributing to social change. Everyone, from wherever they are, can raise their voices to demand change, and contribute funds to carry out actions that will bring about change in the lives of women and girls. If we work together we can create a world where women and girls live free from violence and fully enjoy their human rights. It’s dependent on us.

What does collaboration with other organizations mean to you?

Working in collaboration is how we have the most impact in creating change. Strengthening this network is also the biggest challenge, but it’s an important tool to demand that States fulfill their obligations and guarantee the rights of women and girls, in a context of validating democracy and reinforcing the rule of law.

What does “activism” mean to you?

Activism is a way of life, a tool for struggle, and a chance to contribute to social change.

Elba uses the law to create a society in which women and girls are respected as equal. However, there are still many countries in South America that treat men as superior to women.

For example, Chile’s Civil Code establishes the legal presumption that husbands head the household and control marital property, as well as property owned by their wives.

You can help us to #MakeEqualityReality by emailing President Sebastián Piñera now.

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