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It’s Time to Remove the Deadline on the ERA!

Three young girls hold hands

Equality Now joined a long list of organizations and advocates in urging the United States House Committee on the Judiciary to move forward with a deadline elimination bill.

If you’ve been following our efforts to get protection for women included in the United States Constitution, you’re probably aware that we’re only one state away from the 38 needed for ratification. Unfortunately, there’s another obstacle: the Congressionally-imposed 1982 deadline for ratification. However, many experts agree that because Congress imposed the initial deadline, they can also remove it. That’s where HJ Res 38 comes in! 

Legislation to ratify the ERA has been introduced in eleven of the thirteen non-ratified states this year. The passage of HJ Res 38 is an important step to ensuring that these efforts are not in vain, but will lead to real change.

Read the full text of the letter (PDF) we signed as part of the ERA Coalition urging the Judiciary Committee to move the bill through to a vote, and take action urging your representatives to support it!