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International Day of Happiness: What Brings Us Joy at Equality Now

March 20th marks the International Day of Happiness, celebrated by the UN to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. We asked our Global Executive Director, Mona Sinha, and other colleagues from across the organization to reflect on the importance of happiness and joy in the work that we do.

I often speak about doing the work that brings you joy. Joy is what keeps you going when times get hard and when challenges feel insurmountable. For me, working at Equality Now is a joy because of what we focus on, bringing fundamental legal equality to women and girls so that everyone can exercise their full potential and thrive.

It’s not just good for women and girls; it’s good for men and boys, for families, for communities, and in fact, for nations around the world.

In my role, I get great joy from my colleagues, who are absolutely fierce in challenging and protecting the rights of women and girls. We often laugh together and celebrate victories. while also taking time to recognize how heavy this work can be. I feel great joy in watching the activists on the ground stand up for their rights, despite being pushed back and pushed down, and knowing that we can be the wind beneath their wings that supports them as they forge ahead.

I know sometimes it’s hard, but really being focused on why we’re doing this work is important.

Realizing that it comes from deep within us and is the essence of who we are. To do the right thing for justice is what keeps me going. I hope this message motivates you to find joy and take the time to rest and refuel before you start this journey again.

Mona Sinha – Global Executive Director, Equality Now

Some thoughts from our colleagues around the world

As LAC’s youth officer for Equality Now I am happy to support youth organizations to grow and amplify their voices for gender equality not only at the national level but also at the regional level, reaching out to them with legal tools that empower the transformation they make in their territories.

Sofia Quiroga – Youth and Diversity Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean

As Global HR and Administration Manager, it brings me great joy to support my colleagues at Equality Now by developing, implementing and facilitating organizational policies and processes to enhance equity, engagement, transparency and accountability. I feel fulfilled in my role, by ensuring that organizational values are fostered, and cultural awareness and sensitivity are imbued among the staff. I actively take part in supporting colleagues internally so they can do their incredible work on the field, making a difference for thousands of women worldwide.

Jelena Malceva – Global HR & Administration Manager

Leading the institutional funding team, I am very proud and happy to mobilize resources for the work of Equality Now to promote systemic change and gender equality. I enjoy working alongside amazing activists and experts to design initiatives that will make a real change in women’s lives around the world.

Francesco Gatta – Global Institutions Partnerships Manager

As part of the Monitoring and Evaluation team, it makes me happy to track Equality Now and our partners’ projects and campaigns to adequately address information generation, capture, synthesis, and use to improve project effectiveness, inform decisions, promote accountability.

Raphael Ofware – Monitoring, Evaluation, Knowledge and Information Officer, Africa

At Equality Now, we are a global team of lawyers, activists, and campaigners working together with 147 partners across 34 countries. We use the power of the law to create enduring equality for women and girls everywhere. Join our team of feminists around the world to make equality reality.