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Mexico: In the midst of a femicide crisis, the 2022 budget must prioritize public policies to deal with gender-based violence

An illustration of four women and girls with spanish text in the backgroun

UPDATE: In September 2022, with ongoing concerns about sufficient funding for gender-focused programs in Mexico, the Aliadas por la Igualdad coalition issued a report analyzing the impact of the austerity measures imposed by Mexico’s federal government at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what measures it has or has not taken since then which have negatively affected equality, and the prevention and elimination of violence against women. The report highlights three measures the Mexican government has taken that have had a direct negative impact on women’s rights:

  • Halting or reducing programs aimed at preventing violence against women and supporting survivors
  • Use of funds for preventing and combating gender-based violence for programs that do not have that focus
  • Arbitrary allocation of funds by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, SHCP).

Download the report in Spanish here.


OCTOBER 2021: In the midst of a femicide crisis, national and international organizations urge the Mexican State as a whole, especially Legislators, to reinstate and increase funding for gender-focused programs which suffered severe budget cuts in 2020.

Legislators are especially urged to maximize resources available to programs to combat gender-based violence, by utilizing all the tools at their disposal, including fiscal and budgetary tools, with the objective of guaranteeing the rights of all women.

Organizations supporting this statement include: CEJILColectiva Ciudad y Género, Equality Now, Raíces Análisis de Género para el Desarrollo, and Mujeres Impulsando la Igualdad.