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Equality Now joins forces with UN Women and Council of Europe to improve responses to sexual violence in Georgia

December 11, 2019

The law can be a powerful tool in combating sexual violence and exploitation. It can be used to hold perpetrators to account,...

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7 reasons you should give to Equality Now this #GivingTuesday

December 3, 2019

At Equality Now, we know that discriminatory laws don’t reverse themselves and change is not possible unless we all work to...

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What a night celebrating the arts, activism, literature, and women’s rights!

November 21, 2019

Changing laws and mindsets is only possible through persistent activism and on Tuesday night we honored Chimamanda Ngozi Adic...

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10 times Margaret Atwood spoke up about women’s rights, equality & climate change

November 18, 2019

Equality Now is honored to count Margaret Atwood as part of our family and grateful for her support and tenacity. Her commitm...

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Using the Convention on the Rights of the Child to promote gender equality

November 14, 2019

International law is the foundation of Equality Now’s work to ensure all women and girls are able to live safe, fearles...

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Beijing Platform for Action: 25 Years On

November 6, 2019

Since 1999, Equality Now has updated Words & Deeds every five years. The report highlights explicitly sex discriminatory ...

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Tanzania: Landmark ruling against child marriage upheld

October 23, 2019

In October 2019 the Tanzania Court of Appeal upheld the landmark 2016 ruling by the High Court against child marriage.  “W...

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Russia is failing in its obligations to protect women from domestic and sexual violence

October 20, 2019

Recent rulings by both the UN Committee tasked with monitoring the implementation the Convention on the Elimination of all Fo...

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Equality Now Recommends 🎬📚🎧

October 17, 2019

What are you reading or listening to these days? Do you find yourself at the end of a good book or an interesting podcast an...

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Poverty is sexist

October 17, 2019

Across almost every economy in the world, women earn less than men. According to a 2017 Oxfam report, globally women earn 24 ...

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Georgia: Calling on Mtavari Arkhi to improve reporting on sexual violence

October 9, 2019

Equality Now calls upon Georgian TV channel Mtavari Arkhi to adhere to human rights standards when reporting on sexual violen...

news and insights

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month!

September 30, 2019

September 15-October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. For generations, our sisters from Latin Ame...