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Meet Rob Cartwright- Equality Now Donor #16days

Rob has been an Equality Now donor since 2017. His regular gift allows Equality Now to continue our vital work. 

What inspires you to engage in activism?

The idea that we can create change and realise a better, fairer world.

What was the turning point which made you become an activist?

There’s probably not one single moment, but a collection of media stories, panel discussion events, watching my nieces grow up, and conversations with female friends. All of that brought me to the realization that the feminist movement is a cause that depends on – and can improve the lives of – us all. This has given me a greater commitment to both my own actions and activities with a wider impact (like being an EN donor), which support a fairer world for women and girls.

What is your hope for the future?

That wherever a woman is born she can expect to grow up with the basic freedoms of respect, safety, autonomy, dignity, and choice.

What does activism mean to you?

Doing something about the problem. Making your voice heard and actively contributing to the solution.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Adding volunteering to the mix.

What is one thing others can do to make change?

As an Equality Now donor I guess I’d have to say “Become an Equality Now donor!” They’re a brilliant team of people making a very real difference, be it on individual cases of exploitation or on broader campaigns that seek to better the lives of millions – money well spent I’d say.

Donations from activists like Rob make a huge difference to Equality Now, allowing us to continue our advocacy work and fund projects improving the lives of women and girls around the world.

Even a small donation can have a big impact and will help us make #EveryWomanEqual in 2019. Make a donation to Equality Now today.


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