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United States Voter Information for 2020

The dome of the U.S. Capitol against a blue sky

Helpful resources for people voting in the United States elections on November 3, 2020.

Informed and engaged people in the United States understand the importance of exercising their right to vote. Many have created a voting plan for November 3rd. Some have even voted already!  

But what about their friends and family? They might not be as prepared. For those who might need a gentle nudge to vote, we wanted to share some helpful resources: 

  • People who don’t know their status, it’s possible to check voter registration, look up how to vote by mail, locate polling places, and more at
  • For people who aren’t sure who is running for what in their district, or if there are any ballot questions they should be researching, Ballotpedia is a great resource, where they can view a list of all the candidates and ballot questions in their area.

Finally, if you want to tell your friends why you think voting matters, you can use our brand new Instagram filter!