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International Day Of Families – Week of Action

This year for the International Day of Families on May 15th, the Global Campaign for Equality in Family Law (GCEFL) is marking a ‘Week of Action’ between May 15 – 19th, and we invite you to join our efforts in ending discrimination in family law.

The GCEFL is a coalition of 8 leading women’s rights, human rights, and faith-based organizations with the mission to pursue equality for women, girls, and marginalized groups in matters related to the family, regardless of religion and culture. We firmly believe that equality within the family serves as the foundation for building an equal society.

Discriminatory laws and practices persist globally, limiting the rights of women and girls in areas such as marriage, inheritance, and economic opportunities. These injustices must be addressed through strategic global efforts. 

Week of Action Initiatives

  1. Sharing your actions and initiatives

During this ‘Week of Action, we invite organisations and individuals keen on seeing family law reform to participate in our online campaign and to share responses in tweets, posts or video format to the following prompts using the hashtag #FreeOurFamilyLaws: 

  • In what ways are family laws in your country/region unequal towards women and girls and what is the impact of this discrimination?
  • What is your call for change?

Feel free to tag other participants or stakeholders in your tweets and posts, when relevant. If you don’t have room to tag all the people you want to in your tweet, a good trick is to add an image to your tweet – you can tag up to ten people in an image!

Posters: There are downloadable campaign posters below, for you to write out the specific issue and or share a message about what equality in the family means to you. These posters can be shared on your individual or organisational social media channels for amplification. Kindly post with the hashtag #FreeOurFamilyLaws and tag us on Twitter.

  1. Become a member 

This week, GCEFL is also launching its new website and call for membership. Membership is open to community, national, regional, or global organisations and groups (registered or otherwise) who agree and align with the objectives of the GCEFL. We welcome membership applications via our new website at

For any questions or additional information, please contact info(at)

  1. Amplify and support 

Join us in marking this International Day of Families by standing in solidarity with advocates and activists worldwide. Let’s work towards freeing our family laws from discrimination. Stay updated and amplify posts shared through the GCEFL socials, Linkedin and Twitter.

Together, we can advocate for global reform, foster unity among regional networks, and amplify national-level efforts to reform family law.