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Our Approach

Using the law to change the world.

Where women and girls are treated fairly, there is less societal conflict and more economic stability. By protecting and advancing the rights of women and girls everywhere, we believe that we can achieve peace and prosperity for everyone.

Every day, women and girls around the world face violence and discrimination. A third of all women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, regardless of age or background, and almost every country in the world has laws that treat women and girls as second-class citizens. Sexual exploitation, violence, harmful cultural practices, and systemic inequalities violate their human rights and prevent them from reaching their potential.

At Equality Now, we know that legal equality is the foundation of gender equality. We use the power of the law to unlock the full potential of future generations of women and girls by changing social norms, upending harmful systems, and holding governments accountable. 

Through a combination of legal expertise, strategic advocacy, global collaboration with a diverse range of partners, and resourcing, we generate legal and systemic change in every part of the world.

Legal expertise

A future built on the principles of equality, justice, and mutual respect is not possible while women and girls in any part of the world are treated as second-class citizens under the law.

We support and champion progressive legal reform around the world at every level while exposing injustice and challenging discrimination through high-profile impact litigation.

Strategic advocacy

Achieving global gender equality requires the universal adoption and proper implementation of laws and policies that protect and promote the human rights of all women and girls.

We hold governments across the world accountable for their international and regional human rights obligations, inspiring and motivating progressive legal and political change.

Global collaboration

Those who are best placed to address gender inequality are often the people whom it most profoundly affects and who understand and appreciate the cultural context in which it exists.

We bring together a diverse community of women and partner organizations from around the world, amplifying their collective voices and generating collaborative, sustainable solutions.

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