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Planned Giving


The easiest way to make a bequest to Equality Now is through your will or living trust. A will is the cornerstone of any estate plan, whether you’re wealthy or not. You can take care of family and friends first and donate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, a particular asset, such as securities, or the residual of your estate. 

You can add Equality Now to your existing will or estate by revising and re-executing the document at any time, or by executing a separate amendment called a codicil. Simply provide your attorney with our official name (Equality Now) and tax ID # 13-3660566. 

Here is some recommended language for the most common kinds of bequests:

Sample Residuary Bequest: I give, devise and bequeath to Equality Now, all [or state the fraction or percentage] of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to be used for its general purposes.”

Sample Bequest of Specific Amount or Asset: ” Equality Now, the sum of $_____ (or a description of the specific asset) to be used for its general purposes.

Gift Retirement Assets

As retirement plans are taxed differently than other funds, they can be the least favorable way to leave a gift to loved ones. Naming Equality Now as the beneficiary of your retirement plan assets is another easy way to create your legacy by changing the lives of women and girls around the world while making a tax-wise gift. This is applicable to any IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) plan or a bank or brokerage account eligible for “pay on death” or “transfer on death”.

Gift of Life Insurance

You can create a legacy by naming Equality Now as the beneficiary of your life insurance. It can be a golden opportunity to advance the most important values in your life while supporting a just world for women and girls around the world.

Donate all or a percentage of the balance of your account. Make withdrawals as usual during your lifetime and your gift becomes effective only when you and your spouse or partner no longer need the assets. Leaving retirement assets or your life insurance to a charity is easy and you don’t need a will.

Update your beneficiary designation form with your financial institution or the insurance provider that manages your account, completing the form using the below information.

Equality Now, Inc.
Church Street Station, P.O. Box 7160, New York, NY 10008,
USATax ID# (enter if asked for a social security #): 13-3660566
Phone: (212)-586-0906

You can notify us of your plans by contacting us at

If you need to provide for a spouse, name your spouse as “primary beneficiary”, and Equality Now as “secondary beneficiary”. Equality Now will receive a gift only if your spouse does not survive you. 

When the surviving spouse rolls over the IRA to their own name, please also consider designating Equality Now as a beneficiary at that time.

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