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Report on Violence Against Women and Girls in Uzbekistan for Consideration by the European Union Before EU-Uzbekistan Human Rights Dialogue

In response to the critical issues of violence against women and girls in Uzbekistan, Equality Now presents a detailed submission to the EU-Uzbekistan Human Rights Dialogue 2024. The report assesses recent legal reforms to address sexual and domestic violence and identifies remaining challenges hindering effective access to justice for survivors.

Despite recent legislative advancements in Uzbekistan, significant issues remain, including the need to improve laws on violence against women, specifically sexual violence, and enhance criminal justice response and prevention measures.  The submission from Equality Now was developed in collaboration with NGO ‘Istiqbolli Avlod’, ‘NIHOL’ Initiative’s Development and Supporting Centre, Centre for Scientific, Social, and Humanitarian Initiatives Oila and Public Unity ‘Yuksak Salohiyat.’

Equality Now’s report urges the EU Delegation to promote legal reforms that align with international human rights standards, enhancing support systems for survivors and increasing access to justice.