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The Solidarity Statement on Ending Child Marriage in Eastern and Southern Africa

While recognising the  importance of domesticating the SADC Model Law in Southern Africa, 34 civil society organizations came together to develop a Joint Statement on Ending Child Marriage in Eastern and Southern Africa, citing key recommendations including:

  • The need for harmonized laws in every country, setting the minimum age of marriage at 18 without exceptions to end child marriage.
  • The need for strengthened local and regional coordination amongst CSOs working in the field of child marriage, ensuring that the work plans of CSOs and other stakeholders towards addressing child marriage align with national action plans to end child marriage. 
  • The need for support for long-term programming and collective action that brings together all stakeholders to change social norms that lead to behavior change.
  • Partnerships, Collaboration and Movement-Building that promotes transparency and accountability.

 The Solidarity Statement is available in three versions  – English, French and Portuguese.