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Our Team

Aya Dabbous

Finance and Project Administrator, MENA Office

Aya has a Masters of Science in International Business Management with distinction from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK, and a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance (Class Valedictorian) from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Previously she worked as an educational field officer providing learning support and recreational activities to refugees.  

Aya feels it is not enough to simply talk about equality, one must work at it to really see change. That’s why laws are necessary to help eliminate all forms of discrimination and inequality against women. Coming from the MENA region, a deeply rooted patriarchal society, she truly believes that changes in law can help contribute to societal change and help represent women fairly and equally. Her mum is her Shero. She taught Aya independence of thought and action in an environment that is highly dominated with patriarchial thoughts and actions, and that making someone else’s world a bit better brightens yours. Her favourite quote from author Kurt Vonnegut, “If you can do no good, at least do no harm.”

Outside of the office, Aya loves sports, baking desserts (with a healthy twist!) and traveling.