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Our Team

Fareeha Ali Yahya

Global Content Officer


As the Global Content Officer, Fareeha has been part of Equality Now’s Digital and Production team since 2022. She supports the delivery of the Digital Communications Strategy through the production and dissemination of assets. 

Fareeha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology/Sociology, and a Master’s in Education and International Development. She has been part of the non-profit sector since 2014, working in a range of roles as a qualitative researcher and communications specialist at iNGOs including CARE International, Oxfam Great Britain, Oxfam International and Girl Rising.

Fareeha’s feminist icon is her father, who, in an environment where no parent encouraged their daughters to break tradition to pursue an education or a career, motivated her to follow her dreams.

When she’s not working Fareeha enjoys making music, practising photography and longboarding.