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Our Team

Fareeha Ali Yahya

Global Content Officer


As the Global Content Officer, Fareeha is part of the Digital and Production team. She supports the delivery of Equality Now’s Digital Communications Strategy through the production and dissemination of assets. 

Her educational background is in Anthropology, Sociology and Education. In her career, she is most proud of a digital campaign she designed on the value of unpaid work and a journal article she published on the same theme.  

Her feminist icon is her father, who in an environment where no parent encouraged their daughters to break tradition to pursue an education or a career,  pushed her to move to other cities and countries to follow her dreams. He also instilled a love of teaching and the arts including photography, filmmaking,  and music. 

When she’s not working Fareeha enjoys making music and practising photography. 

She is available for interviews in  English, Urdu and German.