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Our Team

Janette Akhilgova

Eurasia Consultant

Janette Akhilgova joined Equality Now in June 2018.  Prior to joining Equality Now she worked with women’s human rights NGOs in the North Caucasus of Russia on capacity building. This included supporting strategic litigation initiatives, developing partnerships, strengthening the civil society networks’ development across regions and establishing strategic partnerships on national and international level. Janette has an MPA from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in Syracuse NY.

Janette’s understanding of the very depth of patriarchy and the importance of the structural legal approach to the issue of women’s rights comes from her work in a region with a powerful fundamentalist backlash against gender equality. She is inspired by incredibly  strong women around the world who manage to believe in good and make change in the most challenging contexts.

Outside of work, Janette enjoys learning new things, traveling, talking to inspiring people.