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Our Team

Rob Cartwright

Global Corporate Partnership Manager


Rob joined Equality Now in 2019. As Global Corporate Partnerships Manager, he works to build inspiring and impactful partnerships with incredible brands and companies around the world who share our belief in enduring equality for every woman, and every girl, everywhere.

Originally from the beautiful Norfolk coast in England, Rob now lives in East London. He is proud to have a career where every hour he works is in pursuit of creating genuine value, real change, and hope for the future. He believes it’s a wonderful thing to be able to go on this journey in partnership with committed companies and their communities who also believe in the power of gender equality.

Rob loves how this RBG quote really sums up what true equality and inclusivity in representation looks like: “People ask me sometimes, when do you think it will it be enough? When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court? And my answer is: When there are nine.”

Outside of work Rob enjoys travel, walking, horizon-broadening podcasts, playing guitar, and attempting to be a bit chef-fy in the kitchen.