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AU launches Women of Impact: Stories of African Women Leaders

In a resounding proclamation of recognition and celebration, the African Union Commission proudly launched “Women of Impact: Stories of African Women Leaders.” This remarkable collection of narratives shines a spotlight on the indomitable spirit of African women and girls who are shaping destinies through effective leadership. 

Capturing their remarkable journeys, this anthology serves as an inspirational compass for current and future leaders, cultivating an environment that nurtures women’s leadership across local, national, and continental domains. Their impact reaches beyond traditional realms, spanning government corridors, empowerment initiatives, financial landscapes, entrepreneurship realms, environmental stewardship, technological innovation, education advocacy, creative industries, and even the world of sports.

UN Women Special Representative to the African Union and Economic Commission for Africa, Ms. Awa Ndiaye Seck (R), presenting the Women of Impact: Inspiring Stories of African Women Leaders.

With insights into their battles against the COVID-19 pandemic and the obstacles they’ve encountered, these narratives embody the very essence of empowerment and change-making. From recognising the issues at hand to crafting solutions that transcend limitations, these women epitomise the force of transformation.

Behind each tale lies an arduous selection process driven by a multi-partner technical team, ensuring that the selected stories mirror the true breadth and depth of African women’s leadership. The launch of “Women of Impact” signifies not just a collection of stories but a symphony of voices amplifying the power of women’s influence.

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