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Stand up for gender equality by starting an Equality Now club at your school. Equality Now deeply believes in the power of youth activism and building partnership.

Start an Equality Now Club at your school

By starting a club, you are taking the first steps to being part of an organization putting the rights of women and girls at the top of the agenda on a global scale. Your support is extremely valuable to us and the women and girls we are all working for.

We are very excited for you to join our network and we are looking forward to seeing all of the important work that comes out of your Equality Now club.

How to Start A Club


Pull together a few motivated students who are willing to help lead the project. Discuss why you are passionate about women’s rights and why you believe other students at your school should be too. 


Get to know your school’s policies and guidelines. Begin planning the logistics of structuring your club. Plan for consistent meeting times and prepare to host some events.


Have board meetings and general meetings so you can build a presence. Remind your members ahead of the date and show up ready to go. Keep your members updated by posting on social media.

What an Equality Now Club Can Do

As an Equality Now club, you will be able to raise awareness of gender equality and advocate for international women’s rights by hosting events at your schools.

  • Some events options: speaker event, round table discussion, movie screening, art & feminism, open mic. 
  • Think about the deadlines/time of year you would like to hold these events.
  • Creating a mini-calendar is always helpful. 

Girls Speak Up Club – Marymount School

“There has never been a more important moment in history to be a girl coming of age.

“If you are reading this then you are a girl who is thinking about starting an Equality Now Club at your school and we are here to tell you that is the first step in a very important journey toward making a difference! 

“We are Eleanor Uzielli and Dalton Reilly, 17-year-old rising seniors who started an Equality Now Club at our Los Angeles high school at the beginning of our sophomore year. When we decided to start our own club, the #MeToo movement had just become front page news.

“As the movement grew, we felt it was more important than ever that we speak up for girls everywhere. As a result, we started our own chapter of Equality Now Club at Marymount and we spread the word to friends at nearby LA high schools, Notre Dame and Harvard Westlake. Our friends started clubs, too. And now, it’s your turn – let’s make this a nationwide movement and change laws for girls everywhere to give girls more power and a stronger voice in what happens to them!”

General Tips

Here are some general tips and ideas…

  • Create a lively social media presence. 
  • Some common Equality Now Hashtags include: #MakeEqualityReality, #LawsDontReverseThemselves. 
  • Collaborating with other clubs is always helpful!
  • Make a book club! Think of books concerning your topics that people actually want to read. 

Your effort is crucial to helping achieve a better more equal world for women and girls.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to inform us of your progress please feel free to email us at We are looking forward to hearing about the work you have completed.