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Companies: How you can unlock women’s potential 

Investing in legal equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also a smart economic move.

Full legal equality would maximize economic participation by women, adding up to $28 trillion of wealth into the worldwide economy every year.

By unlocking every woman’s full potential, ending legal discrimination leaves communities everywhere free to break the cycle of poverty, boosting global productivity and stimulating economic prosperity across all nations.

At Equality Now, we believe that full legal equality is an achievable goal.

We challenge legal discrimination everywhere through our unique combination of strategic advocacy and global collaboration:

  • We hold governments accountable for discriminating on the basis of gender by highlighting regressive legislation through our periodic global reviews.
  • We build coalitions and seed movements to advocate for fairer laws and better practices across every area of civil, commercial, and criminal litigation.
  • We strengthen grassroots efforts through global campaigns, raising and amplifying the voices of local communities to leaders, policymakers, and citizens everywhere.

We collaborate with regional and national partners, drawing upon the collective wisdom of a large and diverse community of women and feminist organizations and combining it with our own legal expertise and resources.

Over the past 30 years, we have contributed to the elimination or progressive amendment of 85 discriminatory laws across the world.

Equality Now has the knowledge, expertise, and capacity to support governments around the world to fast-track global economic growth through the reform of national legislation, customary laws, and legal practices in the areas of family, civil, penal, labor, and commercial law.

But reaching and influencing governments and international policy-makers takes more than ambition and commitment – it also requires investment. 

In the US, organizations serving women and girls receive just 1.8% of all charitable giving. Yet research by the World Bank shows that every dollar invested in gender equality delivers a return of $7 to $12 for the economy. 

That’s why, in 2024, we are asking you to help us unlock the potential of women everywhere by investing in legal equality.

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