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Ending Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is when someone abuses another person’s vulnerability or their own position of power or trust for sexual purposes. It can occur within intimate and/or established relationships, as well as in commercial and/or transactional contexts, and can also involve other crimes such as illegal trafficking and/or child abuse.

The challenge

Intersecting forms of systematic and structural discrimination mean that globally, it is women and girls who are most at risk of experiencing sexual exploitation. International human rights law protects a person’s right to be free from exploitation, yet governments and international bodies are failing to uphold these rights for millions of women and girls around the world.


Radhika – India

I set up a Facebook profile and received a friend request from a man I didn’t know. I saw a few of my family were connected…


Steve Grocki expert interview – United States

Steve Grocki is the Chief of the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation & Obscenity Section, US Department of Justice …

Our response

We recognize that sexual exploitation is a complex issue and acknowledge that as part of a hugely diverse gender equality movement, we will not always agree with others on the best approach to addressing it. Nonetheless, we are committed to engaging with integrity and respect while always keeping the well-being of survivors at the center of any intervention.

We combine international advocacy with regional and national projects and campaigns to address the legislative, procedural, and socio-cultural drivers of sexual exploitation.

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Our impact

We promote digital rights

We work closely with allies from every sector in challenging and holding to account those with the power to prevent online sexual exploitation and abuse (OSEA). In 2022, we secured a significant role in the digital rights space through a partnership with Women Leading in AI and the joint launch of the Alliance for Universal Digital Rights (AUDRi). We are drawing global attention to OSEA and the need for international law and policy reform.

We work across borders

We bring together stakeholders from every part of the world to challenge sex trafficking, sex tourism, and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. In 2001, Equality Now led a global coalition for the passage of the Palermo Protocol, a groundbreaking legal instrument that enshrined protection from trafficking of persons in international law. We continue to create and sustain gendered narratives on sexual exploitation at every level.

We prioritize gender

We draw global attention to the highly gendered nature of sexual exploitation, and the need to treat it as a form of structural, sex and gender based discrimination. In 2020, our ongoing advocacy prompted the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women to affirm sexual exploitation as “a form of gender- based violence.” To effectively address sexual exploitation, we believe it is essential to recognize it as a gendered issue.

Our impact in focus: Promoting safety, freedom, and dignity in the digital world

In 2022, we secured a significant role in the digital rights space through our strategic partnership with Women Leading in AI and the launch of the Alliance for Universal Digital Rights (AUDRi). Through AUDRi, we are collaborating with a wide range of partners to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by digital technologies and networks to women, girls, and other people from discriminated-against groups so that everyone can enjoy equal rights and freedoms – however, they exist and connect in the digital world.

To inform our advocacy through AUDRi, we used evidence from our consultations with organizations, including Amnesty International, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the Web Foundation, and POLICY, to formulate the following nine universal digital rights standards, each underpinned by an intersectional feminist, anti-discrimination analysis:

  • UNIVERSAL AND EQUAL RIGHTS: Everyone has an equal right to protection, opportunity, and respect, including in the digital realm. 
  • PERSONAL SAFETY AND DATA PRIVACY: Everyone has a right to control information about themselves and to secure protection from digital harm.
  • DIGITAL SELF-DETERMINATION: Everyone has a right to exercise self-determination in the use of digital technologies.
  • DIGITAL ACCESS FOR ALL: Everyone has a right to access the digital realm and to be free to participate in digital life.
  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND ASSOCIATION: Everyone has a right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and association online.
  • SECURE, STABLE AND RESILIENT NETWORKS: Everyone has a right to benefit from secure, stable, and resilient digital networks and technologies.
  • LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Everyone has a right to use any language of their choice to create and share digital information.
  • UNIVERSAL STANDARDS AND REGULATION: Everyone has an equal right to benefit from the development and use of digital technology.
  • GOOD DIGITAL GOVERNANCE: Everyone has the right to multilateral, democratic oversight of the internet and digital technologies.

News and resources

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Voices and stories

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Sarah Cooper - United States

I was 12 or 13 when I first got a Facebook account. Early on, I would aimlessly go online once or twice a day for an hour or ...


Ruby - United Kingdom

This interview was shared with Equality Now through #myimagemychoice, a survivor-led coalition asking for trauma-informed gl...


Modupe - Nigeria

I was 16 years old when I started accessing the internet. I had a friend who knew about things. She introduced me to Facebook...

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