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What We Do

We campaign for legal and systemic change to address violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Equality Now is a feminist organization using the law to protect and promote the human rights of all women and girls. We create, reform, challenge, and apply the law to establish enduring equality for women and girls everywhere.

Since 1992, our international network of lawyers, activists, and supporters has held governments responsible for ending: legal inequality, sexual exploitation, sexual violence, and harmful practices.

Our Theory of Change

We believe that legal equality is the first step towards gender equality. That’s why we use the power of the law to dismantle deep-rooted discrimination and inequality and build a just world for women and girls.

We work across four change pathways:


We facilitate legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.


We advocate for progressive laws, jurisprudence, and enabling environments that respect and advance the rights of women and girls.


We work in partnership with like-minded organizations, activists, thought leaders, artists, scholars, and businesses to increase our reach and impact through strategic collaboration and pooled expertise.


We engage the global community in galvanizing the resources necessary to stand up against the powerful systems that repress women and girls and sustain the fight for legal and systemic inequality.

Our Areas of Work

Achieving Legal Equality

Legal equality is the first step towards gender equality, yet almost every country in the world still has laws that discrimin…

Ending Harmful Practices

Harmful practices involve forms of gendered violence or ritual discrimination that have become culturally normalized, such as…

Ending Sexual Violence

Overview Sexual violence is an everyday reality that impacts millions of people around the world. This violence can take many…

Ending Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is when someone abuses another person’s vulnerability or their own position of power or trust for sexua…