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Equality Now Statement Condemning Violence Against Women in Sudan

Equality Now strongly condemns the egregious human rights violations including the pervasive use of sexual violence occurring in different parts of Sudan over the past 13 months. The reports of systematic rape and sexual exploitation and slavery of women and girls, in some cases racially and ethnically driven, the recruitment of child soldiers, and the widespread killing of children are deeply alarming and demand urgent global attention.

The use of sexual violence and rape of women and girls as tools to punish and terrorize communities more broadly serves to cause deep, long-lasting harm, perpetuates a climate of fear, and lays open an environment of impunity where perpetrators go unpunished.

As an organization dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the human rights of all women and girls, we denounce all forms of violence. We condemn all acts of gender-based and sexual violence against women and girls, including as a weapon of war and we have repeatedly highlighted these as a grave violation of human rights.

Alarming reports of death from starvation documented by humanitarian organizations cause dire and complex challenges of food insecurity, droughts, widespread hunger, and malnutrition, which will disproportionately impact women and children.

Equality Now:

  • calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities, commencing an inclusive people-centered peace process, in which women play a leading role as prescribed in the UNSC Resolution 1325, and implementing comprehensive measures to prevent further atrocities.
  • calls upon the Sudan Armed Forces, the Rapid Support Forces, and all other armed groups engaged in this war to fulfill their obligations under international human rights law and adhere to the principles of international humanitarian law.
  • calls upon the Rapid Support Forces and all relevant parties to stop all rape and sexual abuse of women and girls.
  • urges warring parties to protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Furthermore, we urge the international community, including the United Nations, and regional bodies, including the United Nations Security Council, the African Union, the League of Arab States, and the Inter-governmental Authority for Development, to provide the necessary support and resources to address the root causes of the war, prevent and adequately respond to human rights violations and conflict-related sexual violence. Collective efforts are fundamental to lasting peace and stability in Sudan and the region.

Equality Now stands in solidarity with the people of Sudan, particularly the women of Sudan and survivors of sexual violence, and we will continue to advocate for their rights.